Now you can book in your alternative training sessions when you want online. Alternative Women’s Fitness delivers an alternative in fitness, offering various classes on the regular. From Yoga to Pilates, Ballet and Meditation - all to a rock or metal soundtrack.
Our selection of sessions has something for everyone.
Boost your fitness weekly, with alternative options and browse through our curated edit of alternative workout essentials. From, our edit of strength and tone to cardio or dance, AWF has something for every mind and body. Scan through our selection of sessions including everything from our very own branded sessions Sculptallica to Elastica that perfectly compliment the boxing and Muaythai programs. You can put your ears first and lock in your preferred music sessions - whether you’re after metal or rock tunes; Alternative Women’s Fitness music based categories will instantly alleviate the decision making process. Protect yourself from the rough elements, look though our martial arts sessions choosing from classic Jiu-Jitsu, or picking a program of boxing or muaythai that can be coordinated into your pre-existing workout schedule. Pull together a weekly ritual of worshiping the rock or metal gods (during the sessions). Snap up a program or keep it casual and book in when you can or feel like it. 
With an alternative selection of sessions online, Alternative Women’s Fitness is your one-stop shop for workout essentials.

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